Sunday, April 13, 2003

25,000 'Evangelical Christian Soldiers' poised to invade Iraq
Billy Graham's Southern Baptist thugs are preparing to add insult to the injuries already suffered by Arab people over the last few weeks.

'Spiritual warfare' looms
Washington is trying to portray its battle as one of liberation, not conquest, but Iraq is about to be invaded by thousands of U.S. evangelical missionaries who say they are bent on a "spiritual warfare" campaign to convert the country's Muslims to Christianity.
Among the largest aid groups preparing to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqis ravaged by the war are a number of Christian charities based in the southern United States that make no secret of their desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and win over Muslim souls.

I've been repeatedly outraged by this war, but this is the icing on the cake. Isn't it enough to take a person's home, his leg, or his life? Now you want his soul as well?
Shame on the people who are behind this; there is a special place in hell for you who agressively try to win souls, right between the fundamentalists and the fascists.

Thanks to David Neiwert for this link. I'm going to go fume about this now to anyone who'll listen.

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Everyone's had lots of chances to hear from the embedded reporters. Here's an intersting viewpoint from an 'unembedded' CBC reporter who attempted to make daily forays to the frontlines, with limited success.

What, I ask, is so different about Saddam Hussein's henchmen expelling journalists from Iraq and American soldiers expelling journalists from Iraq? Nothing. Nor does it correspond to the cherished values of freedom and independence that George Bush wants Iraqis to adopt once their homeland has been "liberated." That's just the humble opinion of one frustrated, "un-embedded" reporter.
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The Pot calling the Kettle Black
Of course, it's just speculation, but here's what some commentators have to say about Bush postponing his Ottawa visit indefinitely

Some media commentators have speculated that Bush might choose to not visit Canada until Chretien is replaced as prime minister.

What, Bush doesn't like democratically elected leaders? Has a problem with other world leaders who don't hang off America's every command? Or is it because he's French, er, I mean 'Freedom?'

Honestly I think that Bush will be cancelling a lot of foreign visits, but its probably due to the fact that foreigners' opinions are beyond the reach of BushCo. He might be subjected to people like me and millions of others who won't be afraid to tell him what they think of his foreign policy.

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