Thursday, April 24, 2003

Ha ha ha!
Quote of the year:
"George W. never makes anyone feel less intelligent than he,"
(scroll all the way down, 3rd last paragraph)
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some baby steps towards justice...
France is preparing to duck the wrath of the empire. But they can take heart that the "irrelevant" UN is gearing up to do what it was designed to do; keep warlords and imperialists in check. This article from Intelligence Digest (hopefully) marks the beginning of a more in-depth international investigation into Dubya's little war. Here's hoping that the UN is ready to show the world that even white Christian countries can be charged with war crimes:
Dr Blix mentioned technical flaws in the dossiers, especially a failure to realise that documents alleging an Iraqi attempt to buy uranium from Niger were forgeries.
"There were three planks in the argument," he said. "The first was to find links between Iraq and 11 September and when that failed, between Iraq and al-Qaeda. The second was to find weapons of mass destruction and the third was the human rights issue. Only the third plank remains and the details of those human rights abuses were well-known and cobbled together in a document which was a cut-and-paste job from other publications. He concluded: "There has been a dereliction of duty."

There has been a dereliction of duty, morality, honesty as well as an abuse of power. I will wholeheartedly support any nation that puts its weight behind this investigation.
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