Monday, May 05, 2003

Hey, I distinctly remembered getting suckered into at least two Free Trade agreements.
How come every time Free Trade works out in Canada's favour, the US administration hits us with a crippling tariff? Is it because Free Trade was only ever designed to benefit the USA?
For those people who think the US government will punish us financially for not going war-tripping with them, guess what; this is how they've been treating us since Gulf War 1, and we went along with that one. Face it - Washington is going to punish us whenever it suits their needs, whether we join their stinkin' wars or not!
Quote: "Bush and the Americans simply use Nafta as a way of giving their industry protectionist cover"
Can't accept that? Ask anyone who works in the Canadian wheat, softwood lumber, oil, hydro or water industries how they've been treated in the past ten years by the US admin. You'll be surprised at how we were 'rewarded' for our contribution to Desert Storm.
UPDATE: Now it's blueberries. The US pushed for Free Trade, the US should honour it!!
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Headline of the year
Love it: U.S. says Canada cares too much about liberties

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